End of the Year Fun!

We had lots of fun at the Edenwood Ranch. We all got to find a shed in the woods and go on a hayride around the property!

The Wautoma EMS came to visit us last week. We got to go inside an ambulance and learn about safety!

The EMTs let us go up and down on the stretcher!

The EMT showed us how a stethoscope works.

Card Making for Our Kindness Elf

Every day this month we are expecting a special visitor in our classroom - a Kindness Elf! Each day we find him in a different spot in our classroom and he sometimes gives us clues as to what our task is for the day. Today our task was to make cards to send to an area hospital for children who have to spend the holidays in the hospital. It warmed my heart seeing the children working so thoughtfully and carefully on their cards. We are looking forward to seeing what other acts of kindness our elf has in store for us!

More Thanksgiving Fun!

Today we learned even more about the Pilgrims. We learned that Pilgrims had a lot of chores and they worked hard for the things that they had. Many of the chores and games Pilgrim children did 400 years ago are very different than what we do today! The students imagined they were Pilgrims and wrote about what they would have done if they were Pilgrims. Then we made a project to show what we would look like if we were Pilgrims. 


Hello everyone!

Because it is a short week this week, we will be doing Thanksgiving-themed learning activities! 

Our first activity that we did today had to do with the Pilgrims. We have been learning all about the Pilgrims this month, especially about how their journey on the Mayflower was a tough one. Because the Pilgrims did not have much room on the Mayflower, they could not bring many things with them to their new home in America. Then, we pretended to be Pilgrims! We talked about what we would choose to bring with us if we only had one suitcase to take along. We could only pick 5 things to put into our suitcase. We had to make some tough decisions!

Then we took on a "STEM" challenge! We had to construct a Thanksgiving dinner table to hold our "Thanksgiving dinner" using only dominoes and popsicle sticks. We had fun working together and problem solving!