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Candy Tower Project

Your child participated in what we call a "STEM" activity. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM projects allow students to explore all four of these subjects in an activity focused on a real-world situation. In October's STEM activity, your child worked with a small group of classmates to build the tallest candy tower possible with marshmallows, candy corn, and toothpicks. It was a fun way to practice leadership skills, problem solving skills, perseverance, and working as a team.

Homecoming Day & Leaf Science Project

Hello everyone! On Homecoming Day, we were all decked out in our hornet gear and excited to celebrate our school! We watched the high school band and senior athletes march down our hallway and had a pep rally for them in the gym. After the pep rally, we did a series of science activities that allowed the students to answer the question, "Why do leaves change color?" We read a book, went on a "leaf walk", and created videos on ipads sharing what we learned about the life cycle of a tree. Here are some pictures from our exciting day!

September 26-30 Newsletter