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End of the Year Fun!

Hello everyone! It has been a busy and hectic time of year both in and outside of our classroom. But tonight I wanted to slow down a bit and post some pictures to show what great things we have been doing to wrap up our first grade year! On May 12th we went to the Wild Rose Fish Hatchery. The kids learned about what the fish hatchery does and how important it is to Wisconsin's fish population. The students learned about the fish life cycle and they got to feed lots of fish! On May 26th we went to the Berlin Hospital. The kids learned about the different jobs people do in a hospital by going on a tour to see the different parts of the hospital. The students got to go inside an ambulance, looked at germs through a microscope, went on the helicopter pad, saw pictures of x-rays, and saw the part of the hospital where newborn babies are! And the students especially enjoyed putting on their hospital gear!

Wax Museum

A special project that we do in 1st grade is the wax museum project. Your child was to pick a famous American, do some research, and then finally create a poster to "become" that person! Students were able to share what they learned about their famous person on May 30th at our wax museum that we created in the gym. Here are some pictures that I was able to capture from that day.

February 6-10 Newletter