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Hello everyone!

Because it is a short week this week, we will be doing Thanksgiving-themed learning activities! 

Our first activity that we did today had to do with the Pilgrims. We have been learning all about the Pilgrims this month, especially about how their journey on the Mayflower was a tough one. Because the Pilgrims did not have much room on the Mayflower, they could not bring many things with them to their new home in America. Then, we pretended to be Pilgrims! We talked about what we would choose to bring with us if we only had one suitcase to take along. We could only pick 5 things to put into our suitcase. We had to make some tough decisions!

Then we took on a "STEM" challenge! We had to construct a Thanksgiving dinner table to hold our "Thanksgiving dinner" using only dominoes and popsicle sticks. We had fun working together and problem solving!